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Published on 1/9/2017 12:49:39 PM
5 ways you have already made money out of housing
Did you know that amidst the demonetisation rigmarole, consumers have already started making money out of real estate? Take a look at our analysis of how you benefitted as an end user.

1)With cash out of the system, there is a level playing field for everyone. Those with pre-approved loans from formal banking systems are able to negotiate between 3-15% lower values for their homes, depending on type, size and location of property as well as the stage of construction. Read more

2)Home loan interest rates have dropped from 9.1-9.35 % on Nov 3 to 8.6-8.7% in January. This either drops your EMI levels or shortens the tenure of your home loan Read more

3)With slow markets and RERA in the offing, developers are racing ahead with construction to hand over possession. Delayed possession adds upto 15% to your costs. On-time possession will mean lower costs. Read more

4)If you had bought stocks of developers, there has been a bump up in value of most stocks. You could have made a killing if you liquidated these shares. Read more

5)Rental values have gone up. If you had bought a house for leasing out, the rental value you command in January is better than the November levels. Read more

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