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Published on 9/13/2017 12:19:09 PM
Bulk of family wealth in India still tied to real estate: RBI report
A RBI report on household finances shows even the poorest of the population keeps its wealth in real estate or gold.

Real estate rules

76.9% of household wealth in India is invested in real estate.

59% of the poorest 20% in the country own a dwelling unit of some kind or land.

All that glitters is gold

11% of all family wealth goes into buying the yellow metal

8% of total liabilities in Indian families are in gold loans

No takers for financial assets

5% of family wealth is in financial assets like cash, bank accounts and pension accounts

Debt to cope with emergency expenses

56% of all liabilities of Indian families is made up of unsecured loans. Repayment of mortgages increases with age in India